Storks is an amusing animated feature by the studio that put out the Lego Movie. By that I mean Warner Bros. I didn’t really want to mention them because they haven’t got as much of a reputation as Disney or Pixar sooooo here we are.

Storks is surprisingly good. I expected an insipid modernisation on the old lie about where babies come from, instead I got a family film I actually quite enjoyed.

The storks agree that the business of babies isn’t as profitable as becoming a more fantastical version of Amazon, delivering phones to apple fanboys. However an orphan who loiters around the factory accidentally makes a baby (no sex included) and it’s up to Junior (voiced by Andy Samberg) to deliver the baby to its parents and secure his position as next boss of the storks delivery company.

This movie passes the parent litmus test. You can safely take your kids to this movie so they can enjoy the colours and you can enjoy all the dialogue¬†without your brain falling out of your ears. One day the kids will rewatch this film and go “Oh wow, I didn’t realise all the subtext back then.”


The film has the obligatory mad garbled ending, but along the way is an enjoyable adventure with a couple moments that make your remember that one day all babies grow old and die.

I went into this film expecting it to suck dick, but it delivered a great experience with a solid amount of laughs. If you’re a parent looking to entertain the kids, or an adult with nothing better to do then you might just have a bit of fun with this one.

Becky, a professional with an opinion, said the film was¬†“More funny than Sausage Party” and “possibly the reason behind the next population boom”.

Storks hits NZ cinemas on the 22nd of September, 2016.