Blair Witch is the 2016 sequel to the 1999 indy smash hit The Blair Witch Project. It follows on from the previous film with the brother of one of the missing characters from the first film. White Guy (James Allen McCune) is followed by Hot White Girl (Callie Hernandez) who needs a subject for her film project. She kits out White Guys best friends Black Guy & Black Girl with earpiece cameras, while she runs around with a drone and a regular camera as they chase White Guy on a fools errand into the forest. That's about all you need to know.

First of all I just need to say, it's sick of director Adam Wingard to find this footage of all these people dying and deciding to cut it into an hour and a half of entertainment for people. Shame on you Wingard.


This film is laden with jump scares, even cuts in the film are designed to freak you out unnecessarily. The characters should have become assassins rather than Fresh Witch of Blair-air bait because the number of times they silently ghost up behind their mates and grab the camera is staggering. Matt a professional with an opinion says that he'd punch his friends in the face if they did that to him in a scary forest and I tend to agree. He also believed the alternate title for the film was “Forest Name Yodeling” because of how often they do it.

The amount of drunken waving of cameras can sicken some people although I was fine with it. But the sheer number of cameras used in this “found footage” style film is so bountiful that the novelty factor is almost non existent with the amount of angles they have to choose from at any given moment. I'm surprised the Witch didn't have her own handycam.

The film also goes for one of the biggest cliches in teen horror, try and figure out if you know which one.

However the film really ramps up the scares and goes balls to the wall at the end, and does a good job of putting you on your toes. There's a blessed moment of silence where all the earlier jump scares of the film have put you on high alert, and I'm glad they didn't cash in at that moment because it made it all the more sweeter.

Also one of the deaths in the film was awesomely done and coming out of the theater everyone agreed it was a cool one.

This is a more in your face movie than the original, with weirdness turned up to 11. However it's also the freakiest film I've seen in a while, and is probably going to be my horror of the year.