The Olympic village has been well advertised as orgy central over the years. It’s what happens when you get the most toned people on the planet together all in one place for a few weeks with nothing to do but bone each other and occasionally do some backflips on a beam or something.

However the 2016 Olympic games has been marred by the Zika virus, which has been reported as spreading when you’re in “Brazil having hot steamy unprotected sex by the contaminated waters with nary a smudge of insect repellant”. Unfortunately this is what everyone came to the Olympics to do.

So to combat that the Rio organizers have bought 450,000 prophylactics and hired this guy.

‘This is considered sufficient to encourage athletes to practice safe sex while in Brazil for the Olympic Games,’ an IOC spokesman told Folha.

Eric spends his day wandering around handing out 100,000 female condoms and 350,000 for men. Also for people that have a little bit of trouble warming up and/or hate friction they also have 175,000 packets of lube. There’s currently no information at this time regarding the flavour of the lubricant.

Eric has gone viral on Twitter as people retweet the original with the tagline “not all heroes wear capes”.

The sheer number of Condoms is insane, if all 10,500 athletes decided they were down to fuck then they’d have 45 prophylactics each.

In 2008, goal keeper Hope Solo said she’d “seen people having sex out in the open, getting down and dirty on grass between the buildings,” during the Olympics.

Sydney did it’s best to help out the athletes by buying in 70,000 condoms at the 2000 Summer Games. They ran out and had to buy an additional 20,000. The question is, who was the bean counter who decided how many they would need, doing rough sums of how often people bang on a given day and how many days are left in the games.

US target shooter Josh Lakatos said: “I’d never witnessed the debauchery seen at Sydney 2000 in my entire life.

“My apartment in the Olympic Village was like a brothel.”