If I believed in the movie scoring system I’d give War Dogs a five out of five star at the end of this review. But I don’t, so instead I’m going to gush for a couple hundred words.

If you liked Wolf of Wall Street then you really don’t need to read any more of this review. Just go ahead and get hooked in a larger than life biographical movie based on the dealings of two bottom feeder arms dealers profiting from the Iraq war.

The trailer makes it look like a gag-a-minute rollercoaster of Lols, and that’s what you come for, but it’s not going to be why you stay. Expect less jokes than what the trailer crams in there.

Jonah Hill does a standout performance as Efraim Diveroli the asshole childhood friend of David Packouz played by Miles Teller. Hill’s performance is amazing, and the laugh he puts on can make you laugh along one minute, and then give you chills in the very next moment.


The film really has everything you want in a movie. Carefree adventures of 20-somethings getting chased by arabs with guns has never been so fun. The film is directed by Todd Phillips who did the Hangover series, and his signature humour is pervasive throughout the film. However he doesn’t shy away from getting super serious. There are just as many laughs as you expect from international arms dealing, which is “just enough” quickly followed by a sudden change of tone and “Ok this is serious I might actually end up at the bottom of a lake.”

The story is a real adventure, and it somehow makes war profiteering look fun and the most reprehensible thing ever. The film finishes on a note I wasn’t expecting at all, but damn, it was fucking good.