I’ve seen a couple complaints that revolve around the Pokemon Go mechanics the starter Pokemon role. AKA, a unique lovable creature you keep with you through your entire journey cause they always wind up the strongest. I can tell you now, there’s only one true starter pokemon.

Pokemon Go Izaksmells comic joke

But seriously, I spend more time worrying about leveling up my character than I do about “catching ’em all.”

It’s pretty bad. I haven’t even got a beedrill because I don’t see it as cost effective for XP. It’s better to just keep evolving those weedles and flicking them off for candy when the get to kakuna.

The one thing that PoGo does good though, it makes me catch the Mons the way I did when I was a kid.

“Hey look, A pokemon I already have… I’M GOING TO CATCH IT.”

Brock never saw what was coming, I had so many pidgeys I overwhelmed him with sheer numbers.