We just came back from an awesome time at the Hamilton Zinefest. Everyone there was super cool and the energy of the place was awesome. Here’s a couple tweets highlighting the time there.


yeah, Kristof thought something was up last night so he flicked them an email, turns out our application got lost in the ether somewhere. =S, fortunately someone dropped out so we jumped into their empty booth grave.



Spot Becky in this following image, she’s the one pulling a face directly at the camera. (image courtesy of Hamilton Zinefest)

Hamilton Zinefest 2016 Izak Smells (3)

Hamilton Zinefest 2016 Izak Smells (1)


So many people dug the¬†poster. One little kid saw it, gasped and slapped her hands down on it. Striking out physically¬† is a totally acceptable way to react to our posters. Unfortunately you aren’t gonna find it on our online store though, the amount postage costs for posters would pretty much triple the price for you guys =(. So only available at our stands.

Becky also made a Cameo appearance along with our bookmarks in the Instagram of the lovely folks from Tauranga Zinefest. We’re excited to meet up with them again on the 4th of June, where we’ll be once again venturing out into the real world!