Harley-Quinn sexy rollerskates girl hips 8bit pixel art

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So I’m doing a new short series of 8bit GirlsĀ as requested by Kristof. It’s not going to be as insanely exhaustive as 8Bit Girls of Games was though.

This time I’m covering off all the bad ass comic chicks out there. This includes webcomics, graphic novels, regular comics, whatever, you name it.

I’m also being looser with the styling this time around. My Girls of Games series was pretty ridged in the way I drew the characters, but now I’m just drawing it however I like. So when I line them up they will be varying in size a lot more.

So to start things off I’ve done every cosplayers favourite Harley Quinn. There are so many versions of her now it was pretty hard to decide which one to go for, but I definitely wasn’t going to do the boring jumpsuit one, because yawn.