Pixel-Faith mirror's Edge¬†<- Here’s Pixel faith at her regular scale.

News has just come out on the Mirror’s Edge official website about the design behind Faith in Catalyst. I have to say I hadn’t thought much about the new design of the pants till they pointed out that they went for a tighter fit, which I think actually looks a lot cooler than the original.

Although I’ll never quite get over the fact they don’t have the cool ninja toe shoes from the original game. I always thought those were cool. Anyway,¬†overfloaterx suggested we should have an easter egg of pixel faith on the subreddit. I’ve done everything in my power to make that happen. AKA, just redrawn pixel faith and hoped for the best. It’s published better than the official one and doesn’t have the gross artifacts cropping up. Also, higher res.

Pixel-Faith-Large Mirror's Edge