So I started playing Tera a few weeks ago, right about the time I moved actually. I was just about to leave my brothers place (and fiber connection) when I suddenly decided “I want to play an MMO” after a huge amount of time of never going near them.

I downloaded about 30% of my brothers internet cap in one night downloading the game. A few days later I bailed, leaving him to pick up the pieces.

TERA 2015-07-31 23-11-46-638

I took these screenshots with the intent of using it to convince some of my friends to play. But they started playing anyway. So here we are anyways. Everythings shot at 1920×1080 with everything cranked right up. I may have a look around online and see if I can get the draw distances cranked up a bit more. I reckon my machine could handle it easily enough.

TERA 2015-08-16 18-03-49-394

You’ll notice I haven’t got any shots of mobs really, purely because with these shots I’m trying to keep any UI gameplay elements out of them. Unfortunately the screenshot mode doesn’t hide enemy names and health etc, only the HUD. Also they’d bash me any time I got close. So instead you get these ethereal lonely shots instead.

TERA 2015-08-13 21-11-31-026 TERA 2015-08-18 20-40-31-300 TERA 2015-08-18 20-40-34-740 TERA 2015-08-22 18-50-35-361 TERA 2015-08-23 18-59-44-870 TERA 2015-08-23 19-04-57-246 TERA 2015-08-23 19-28-55-413 TERA 2015-08-23 19-54-00-939 TERA 2015-08-23 19-54-05-877 TERA 2015-08-23 19-55-18-862 TERA 2015-08-23 19-58-14-379 TERA 2015-08-24 22-11-40-347 TERA 2015-08-24 22-18-28-782 TERA 2015-08-24 22-22-13-200 TERA 2015-08-25 21-02-44-245 TERA 2015-08-25 21-23-05-876 TERA 2015-08-26 19-59-20-471 TERA 2015-08-26 22-12-11-917era