After 10 years of using blogger I have finally made the switch to WordPress. Back then there weren’t a lot of good options for doing comics on (not out of the box at least) and I settled for a substandard medium for doing them on. Out of habit I continued using Blogger even after I started back in late 2007. It informed the way I did strips, For instance Project Snow’s font size was optimised for the tiny amount of space my blog layout allowed.

With my codemonkey’s help though I finally made the jump and now comics are front and center on my site. And because of that I will now be updating my comic twice a week.

It’ll mean projects like my 8Bit Girls series may fall by the wayside somewhat, but it’s all for a good cause. At some point I’ll have Project Snow in the comic area as well, and you’ll be able to flip between the “regular strips” and Project Snow. With that sort of functionality I can integrate many multipart comics together in one place. It isn’t a concept I’ve seen done anywhere else. But it’s an idea at the very least. I like the idea of keeping everything in one place. Messy for you guys but convenient for me.

Things you’ll notice straight off the bat

Pretty much everything is broken right now. Also pages are missing and the sidebar look like shit. I’m getting internet wired at home as I write this so I’ve been working on this place during my spare time at work, but until then you’ll have to bear with me on all the bad spacing and minor issues (which I’m sure you don’t actually care about).

Also if you’re an RSS reader you’ll be getting the full comic in your feed. So you’ll never need to see the site anyway.

Finally the comic will be updating every day with a new comic till Monday, when it will get into it’s regular schedule. This is just to pad out the collection of comics, so new visitors will have a little content to get a taste of what this place is going to be like from now on.