As of right now I just become joint owner in a house with Becky Hunt. Well by right now I meant the 3rd of July 2015. It’s been something we’ve been beavering away at for a couple months now, really mucked with my art output schedule.

The initiation

A few months ago we decided to stop looking at houses since we didn’t really have enough for a decent deposit. Our original intention at the beginning of this year was to save until the end of the year when we WOULD have enough for a deposit.

Becky’s mum rang her one night not long after we decided to call of the search however, and said “Rebekah you should look at this house nearby.” “Sigh, mum, we can’t afford to get a house right now. I just got in from work.” “Oh. Well. You should really go look at this house.” “Why?” “I put an offer on it for you.” “WHAT.”

The Get Go

The long and the short of it is that they accepted our offer, which was ludicrously low in the current property market. We had 30 days to get initial dibs on the house. As we were getting initial shit done they bumped the online listing of the house up to our offering price.

On the very last day we managed to get bank approval. The property manager over the phone said “I could have sold the house 10 more times, the phones been ringing off the hook for the place.”

The Gritty

Our mortgage manager who was recommended to us then set about looking for other offers. We applied for our kiwi saver stuff and signed all the forms she told us to do.
Every time we’d do a pile we’d go “is that all we need to do? Is that it?” “Yup.” “Ok great, now we can cruise till we get this house.”

But apparently we HADN’T done everything, a government homestart grant for first time buyers fell between the cracks and the manager only made us aware 13 days before we needed to hand it in…

… Man I’m bored of telling this story.

Fast forward: On Thursday we spent the entire day driving round getting things signed at the VERY LAST MINUTE. Our Lawyer hauled ass as well and got all our shit sorted, calling our property manager “the most incompetent person I’ve ever worked with.” and then went on to call all property managers a bunch of crooks because they’re only out for the best commission for them and not the best deal for us. That’s something, coming from a lawyer. Cause you know. Lawyers. Crooks. Whatever.

Becky got the keys on Friday and the place is awesome. Three bedrooms. The sink has a “rot hole” next to it from water burning it’s way through, and it’s a wee bit shabby, since the last 23 years or so of it’s life has been spent with renters walking in and out of it.

But now begins a new phase of our life! Crazy. We just made the biggest investment of our lives.