Rhianna Pratchett (yeah that Pratchett) writer of the original mirrors edge game has been tweeting since E3 about her thoughts on Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. I’ve recently turned into a bit of a ME:C apologist on the Reddit due to concerns about the games direction. It’s kind of refreshing having an “official” point of view on the matter.

One thing I was wondering about and Rhianna mentions, is the more grungy look that will rear up. Someone mentioned during their E3 playthrough that fans may not be used to the grungier look on the streets, so it’s good to know that there were allowances in the original vision.

Because of her name dropping the comic I’ve gone and got my go-to comic book store to order me in a copy of the collection. I’ll also have to pick up the one that’s coming out for Catalyst as well when it’s out.
And then there’s the more obvious complaint that’s popping up, that the city is to futuristic and not as near future as the last one. It’s easier to be immersed in a world you recognize as being so close to your own. It’s because of this game I gained such a love for architecture.

Although far fewer fans have complained about this next bit. Guns. Most admit that they didn’t use guns but they liked the choice. In ME:C the option has been dropped completely. I’m a huge fan of this decision.

I haven’t addressed the slight switch in focus that the story has made, which a lot of people are unhappy with. But I will when I formulate some words worth reading. I just don’t think that there’s much of a difference between “faceless Totalitarian government” and “faceless Conglomerate of companies”.

Images from Dead End Thrills