Here’s some recent screenshots I’ve taken of Mirror’s Edge, to pad out my fan trepidation and roundup of recent hype.

So it hasn’t been hard to guess that we’d see more Mirror’s Edge at this E3. The last two E3’s have had teasers, so at the very least we’d get another little developers diary. But there was no way. ME appeared for pre-order a while ago (albeit without legit or finalized box art) and the EA financial statement listed ME as a breadwinner for next year.

The current state of things has Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst as being listed as playable on the showroom floor and the official site saying “Thank you for your incredible passion and your patience. I’m excited to tell you that it’s paid off — by this time next week, you will have finally seen more of the game at E3.”

So at 8am on Tuesday morning I expect I’ll be on a bus, burning through my data like I was that time last year. However my enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that this time last year Sara Jansson’s words were “I know many of you probably wish we would show more of the game, but we’re still pretty early in development”. The DICE team was also held up during the release of Battlefield 4 which was released in a horribly buggy state. They (reportedly) put all hands on deck to fix it, including teams working on other projects. It’s unconfirmed how involved the ME team was with all this, but how long does it take to produce a solid triple A game? Is a game that’s in “early development” fully playable a year later? Can a creative vision be realized in the time-frame set by bean counters and financial quarters?

Can EA through DICE fuck a game I’ve been hyped for the last 6 years about? Yes. But I hope they don’t. Edit: DICE, you pulled through, the game looks amazing. You’ve done us proud! And no guns, holy shit. 0_0 nice!