One more character to go! Unless I want to do the Pokemon Card game protagonists and all the random detritus from the other games. Maybe I should do Misty? She’s gotta be the most popular Pokemon girl, except she doesn’t exactly do a whole lot in the games.
But then I’ve opened up a huge can of worms doing every single Gym leader. What do you think?

I watched Supergirl in a totally legitimate fashion last night. The pilot is super rushed trying to squeeze in all the different plot points they want to cover off on. It’s kind of ridiculous. She’s flying along to deal with a burning building when she gets shot with a krypton dart. She then wakes up in a secret base where the boss of the place promptly tells her that “we’re already doing your job, we don’t need you, we hate aliens, btw your sister works here. Lol!”

Then the super bad guy must have been set to super easy mode or something because he went and KS’d himself to get it all over with.

I’m sure the story will have a better more measured pace when it actually gets into it, and I’ve had a mean childhood crush on Supergirl that needs to be nurtured, so I’ll watch more when it actually comes out.

What I feel is missing from these shows though is that they rush past the whole origins/beginnings thing. The best part of a superheroes story is when they’re still learning. That’s why they keep starting Spiderman from scratch. The first bit is always the best.

They need to let Supergirl be a total noob for a season, accidentally killing people she’s trying to save, getting outwitted by the purse thief etc. Then when she finally comes across a true threat it’ll be a “holy shit” big deal moment.

Then again I guess most audiences would switch off without having the instant high stakes every week thing.