There it is! The cover is complete! Obviously the right hand side is the front of the book, while the left will be the back.

While working on this cover I decided to drop the “Broken Rainbow” moniker in favour of the little subtitled “Blobby World” because Broken Rainbow sounds too artsy while Blobby World describes everything you really need to know.

The small sub text at the bottom may be moved around etc in the final final pdf that will be print ready.

The girl on the far left freaking out at her friends getting eaten is directly based on Cara Delevingne in some Top Shop clothes. The other chick on the right is based on someone as well but I can’t remember who. Becky helped me figure out how her hair should go.

A lot of these characters popped up in the book as well, if you can’t remember, here they all are:
Balloon Park Bench GuyBearGiant Man Eating WormGratuitous LumpPiggy Back Couple

I’m currently working on the order, as well as fixing up typos while preparing the files for print. Also I need to think of some sort of bio or something for the back.