I thought of this pun at work but Kristof didn’t know what a clevage window was so I had to painfully explain it and by the time I was done this joke was no longer entertaining.

I’m going to the South Island the day after boxing day. This shouldn’t affect you. I didn’t buy you tickets, find your own island. In the last year of using Soundcloud I’ve Liked about 11 hours of music (conservatively). Time to figure out how much will be kosher for my 3 other companions. I have another 21 days worth of music on Winamp, so that should help.

If I knew how good the speakers were in our rental I’d know whether or not to bring any ambience  (like the song above), because this genre has an unfortunate tendency to get drowned out by road sounds and other real life ambience.

By the way the movie this is from “Die Welle” or “The Wave” in english is a fascinating take on a real life experiment, and I definitely recommend you go and watch it.