Earlier this year I got contacted in regards to doing some concept art. While I’ve done a few commissions in the past for some instruction booklets and invites and stuff, this was entirely new experience.
First of all I didn’t realize that my art style was something that was in demand, let alone monetisable. So here they are, for the first time ever.
So I busted these guys out. I found out I can do 4 quick original concepts in an hour. The one in the very middle is my all time favourite I reckon. But if I was going to use any of them as a lead protagonist I’d probably go for the first one.
The project these are for is currently on hold, but I managed to get permission to post them up anyway.
Over the course of the month I’ll put up a couple of the others I did for this project. If you’re interested in hiring me to do some art for your game, gimme a yell at [email protected]