Woo Guy Fawkes and my 8Bit Girls Anniversary! Best day ever.
So it’s been exactly one year since I officially announced that this madness I’ve been partaking in is an actual project with an actual goal. It’s been fun so far & I’ve had no regrets about doing it. I’ve learn’t more about the history of games than I ever would have otherwise. My output speeds and proficiency with pixel art has also noticeably grown even to the point I’ve even been experimenting more with animation. At my current rate I can bust out an original solid concept in about 15 minutes. That’s insane! With my Game Girls it takes me a bit longer, due to image research and trying to get small details squeezed in.
To give you an idea on what I mean by squeezing, head sizes are generally 5 pixels wide. Hips are about 3 times that. Also if I’m not mistaken, there’s usually more pixels in the thunder thighs than there are in the entire upper torso. these people would have field day with my stuff… I think saying that’s a “photo realistic” picture is a little over the top. Taking a photo of a barbie doll would have been photo realistic.
Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support on Twitter, G+, and my site… Also the dude who went and mirrored all my stuff on Pinterest, you’re cool as well. Without you guys stroking my fickle artist ego I wouldn’t be this far into the project.
To celebrate I decided I’d collate everything into a big pile. Unfortunatly it’s already out of date. Oh well.
Here’s to another year.