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I needed to practice drawing deer so this is what eventuated.
He’s a Hipsdeer. He knows all the best watering holes that you probably have never heard of. You see you think you’re watering hole is good, but this one I found was dammed by this beaver who only uses local timber. It gives the water there this really nice texture, it’s the oak you see. You probably wouldn’t notice the difference though if your used to that common pine dammed water. I mean it’s ok, it’s cool you have your thing and all. It’s nice to see you trying to get into it. Maybe one day you can hear these new birds I’ve found. They’re doing this experimental new sound that you might find a bit crazy, but like if you had read the same roadsigns as me you can tell that they’re doing a critique of common commands.
also listen to this, it’s the best 20 minute mix you’ll ever hear in your life. It’s chill, so good for background stuff.