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We’ve been doing more research into how we can popularize the comic more and we’ve struck upon a little TV show that not many people have seen but I think it uses little tricks that we can cash in on in a proper fashion. The show is called “Game of Thrones”, and while it hasn’t been very popular it has had a book spin off which follows the show quite closely. It also talks about stuff that doesn’t happen in the show, but since it really isn’t canon I tend to ignore anything that comes out the fanfic.

But one plot thingy they use is killing off the main characters. So I’ll be posting a poll and everyone will get to choose their favourite character, Red hair guy (Hero), Purple hair guy (Aaron), the robot, or the token female (Elissa). Also if you could write in with your reasons for why you’re so attached to any particular character it will become even more gratifying for us when we kill them off. If you choose either one of the guys I can have ’em dead by the next episode I think. All sorts of things can go wrong with jumping off a building. I’m sure +Matthew Rust won’t mind having to write less dialogue for either of ’em.
Also we’ll have more nudity and weird sex stuff. Which will be worrying if everyone likes the chick the most, because that just leaves a couple guys and a robot.

Scratch that. We might just go for the Joss Whedon/Firefly ending, and just kill off the coolest character so people go “Man, I wish they’d make more Snow, it only ran for one book, oh wait, they killed ____, it wouldn’t be the same, never mind.”