Continuing my tests. Not as happy with this one as I was with the last one. Ah well. You can’t always get it right.
In other news I’ve decided to take the next step into Soundcloud. I never reshared stuff on my profile till today, but I think it will be neat to have a pile of sounds that people can find. I’ve bugged people with links and embeds a lot, so I figure I may as well use the full service.
Seriously, Soundcloud can be pretty lame at first if you don’t have a place that gives you music you’ll probably enjoy. I get introduced to new great artists every day. Which is great. I hit a slump late last year where I wasn’t finding many new bands on a regular enough basis.
Myspace just couldn’t do it for me. It’s a sexy as shit website, but it took to long to navigate around to find music. Then it got ads. Also there was regionalisation issues with the music. The App didn’t even have music. So the whole service became useless to me. The app was nothing but a gif generator.
Now Soundclouds app gets me music straight away, no mucking around. It’s all ad free and straight up normal free, for all you people that are too cheap to shell out for a Google Play account (Like me).
Anyway, if you’re interested this is my profile, and I should have a bunch of good tunes on it soon enough.