We were discussing the implications of Google Glass and how goofy they were when this quote came up. It had something to do with the parallels between people being able to take photos with their eyes and perfect recall. How creepy is that. Someone could be sitting at home, recollecting you perfectly in their mind while sticking their hands into lukewarm spaghetti meatballs. It chills you to the bone doesn’t it.
I’m a wearer of glasses, but I don’t entirely like the concept of Glass. Funnily enough Matt got laser eye surgery to get rid of his glasses, but will probably buy a pair. He’s an early adopter though. Adopting things early has worked out well for both of us so far pretty good. Except that one kid who we discovered half came from serial killer sperm. I mean, he didn’t do anything but we had to get rid of him anyway. You can’t keep killer progeny lying around in your own house.
To be fair, if I used Google Now more often with its speak funcionality then I’d probably dig the idea of Glass a whole lot more. At the moment I pull it out to have a laugh with my friends about how it can’t understand my slushy unrecognizable New Zealand English.