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I got Mass Effect 2 on the Holiday Steam Sale. I played through the first one yonks ago. I lent the CD to my friend and he promptly went to Australia with it.

I was a bit gutted with the game because I didn’t realise I wouldn’t be able to do all the side missions after doing the main story. With the Elder Scrolls games I always powered through the main storyline before carrying on with all the crazy side stuff.
Anyway, it autosaved past the point where I could just troll around the universe doing fun stuff so I never went back to it.
I always played the game as Femshep, I’ve heard that the male Shepard has a retarded voice actor, so that seems like justification enough to not have to play him.
Anyway, I did all the squadmates from all three games. If I’ve missed some just drop a comment.
Morinth was the hardest to do, apparently absolutely no one on the internet has any interest in her.
Anyway, I guess I’ll play through 2 and then get the third one when it’s 2 bucks on Steam.

Ashley Williams
Kasumi Goto