So I pretty much entirely forgot that there was going to be an actual story in BF4. I wasn’t reaaally looking forward to it at all until the story trailer came out today. I’m going to look at it as a little bonus, or something to do if the servers ever go down.
I heard there is DRM in the game now that doesn’t allow you to play multiplayer if you don’t have an internet connection. How ludicrous is that? What are they gonna do next? Make it so you can’t play the game if you’re graphics card isn’t up to their standards? Penalize us with lag if our CPU and ram aren’t up to scratch? Total BS.
I don’t know the name of the female protagonist yet, so we’re just gonna settle with “girl” for now. The main dude we can call “American Browny” and the rest we can call “White Cannon Fodder”.
If you dig the 8bit thing you should check out my interpretation of Bee from Bee & Puppycat, or maybe the chicks from Tekken I did.