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Aaron continues to realize he’s been quite sheltered from the outside world. I guess that’s why he’s been sent out in the first place right? To learn about the world and all that. Although by the sounds of it he mustn’t stand much of a chance if no one tells him to watch out for that sort of stuff.
Finished Snow for the day, time to get back into work. Thursday is the hand in for my D&D project. it’s all rounded up, all I need to do now is write a 4 or so page review of the rollout of my campaign launch. I’ll be glad when it’s over. Moxy is looking good. I’ve fixed a lot of the problems by straight up blocking anyone who visits it with Internet Explorer. *dusts hands* That’s how a coward does it.
While you’re here you should go get a free song. Ska may not be everyone’s thing, but you can’t pass up free, right? It’s by New Riot. I found them last time I realized I hadn’t expanded that particular genre in five years. They released their first EP in 2009, so they’re pretty new to the scene when you compare them to people like Less Than Jake who have been rocking out for thirty years now.