We’ve been busy this week! It’s been crazy. The blog has been having teething issues with swapping to izaksmells.com . All yesterday it was down. This wasn’t our fault though! Blogger found an exploit or something in outside domains. I was threatening to blame this all on Matt, who took it upon himself to do all the swapping around for me. But that’s really a callous thing to do for someone who took time out of their day to do something cool for me.

We featured on the What The Deuce podcast! Check it out! We talk about our process for writing and drawing Snow, as well as discussing the origins of the story. We had a lot of fun recording with Roger and Josh, I recommend you follow them and all that jazz. I drew the last couple episodes of Snow listening to these guys banter on about space and mythology.
Oh man. Oh dear. Check out the picture of us on the guests page. I’ve got my beany hair. I look like a gay self deluded turnip (with my arm flung around Matt with my “Proud to be Awesome” tshirt on.)

While I was on the show I strongly recommended Bohemian Drive, and I will do so here for about the third time. I plugged Bohemian Drive back when Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life finished, but now there’s a new comic out Opplopolis. I would describe it as “curious” right now. Ha ha. Check it out, subscribe. You know the deal.
Tomorrow will feature a large instalment of Snow. Lots of hot robot on robot action.