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I quite like this comic. Matt’s writing really helps the physical comedy flourish.
Penny Arcade has started its Strip Search scouting. Will I be applying? Hell no! I can’t take my writer with me. To be honest I wouldn’t want to be put into a competitive atmosphere to do this sort of thing. I mean. I’m sure I’d do alright. But then there’s the whole cultural thing. Does my humour translate? It worked ok for Flight of the Concords I guess. But definitely any jokes about the mad butcher or foreshore and seabed are going to go sailing over heads. The whole thing really got me thinking, how PC are they over in the states? Do they call their grandma “nigger” like we totally do all the time over here in New Zealand?
Blorkal out, peeps! This is otherwise known as trolling every other country at the expense of your own.