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Me ‘n Matt were both sick while writing and drawing this strip. Made for a rather unenthusiastic writing session. But I think we still managed to pump something decent out.
Based on musings about a common movie trope where they find a dramatic point to announce their arrival at a destination, when in fact they’re still miles away. It’s like going “We’re here.. At Pak n Save.” When in fact you’re still at your house, that happens to overlook the big yellow store.
Just finished watching the hour long interview with the cast and crew of Firefly at comic con. That weird ass speech saying we are all part of the universe at the end made me want to write fan fiction. But in all seriousness, it was cool to see most of them all in one spot again. And rather surprising to hear that “The Shepherds Tale” is the biggest selling hardback that Darkhorse has produced. If you haven’t read it and you’re a Firefly fan you really should. It traces Shepherd all the way back to when he’s a kid, so you find out his shady past.