So yesterday I wanted to make a joke regarding slaughtering kittens in Dwaf Fortress. But I wasn’t gonna settle for just a screenshot of the text. So I went off to download the DF font. What I found was that it didn’t exactly exist in any typical sense, and that it was based off Code Page 437. Jack_Bread on the forums mentions that the closest you could probably get to it was Fixedsys. Not close enough for me!
I also found some converter thing that looked far to convoluted for my interests, So I decided to go make it myself using BitFontMaker2.
Now we can finally have the font in a format that is actually useful to us. If you think the font is rad, go give Tarn some money for making such an awesome game. If you see this floating around somewhere else being sold or something, tell them that the wrath of Armok is going to be called upon them.

For all you web designers out there, feel free to embed it into your sites as well. You can use @font-face or any other method you can think of to get it up.P.s. The wall tiles are totally messed up. It was a real fudge fest. The font itself is based off the 800×600 tileset that comes with the game. the glyphs ©® make the dwarf faces.

If you see any errors in the font send me a comment and I’ll fix ’em up.P.p.s If you do anything with it be sure to throw me a link. I’m keen to see what people do with it.

Edit: 10/6/12 Added the other two versions of the dwarves, bearded filled and regular filled (aka the warrior icon)

Edit: 1/7/19 looks like the link went down for a while, should be fixed now!

Edit: 10/2/21 AlfalfaScout dropped a modified version of the font in the comments below to fix sizing and mapping symbols to the right glyphs. You can find the link here and in the comments below, be sure to drop them some love: