So I tried this joke out before drawing it and that was the response I got. So I thought it was a winner… And just hoped it would work better written down than it did orally.
So I just did my first presentation for our research paper. Steph and Becky wanted me to have cat whiskers as I did my presentation. So I got some drawn on with the whiteboard marker. Our teacher heroically didn’t mention it. Allen also dared me to do it without any notes. So I stood up in front of the class and told everyone of this challenge as I defiantly screwed up my notes and chucked them on the floor, then read off my hand.

Oh while I’m on a roll of telling you about things I’m doing, I plan on making a weekly comic with Matt, the dude pictured on the right. I think we make a good pair. I figure we’ll bring them out every Sunday. So hear that bro? You better start thinking of ideas for me to draw.