So I gave Becky a challenge to create a five page children’s book before midnight. Not being one to not take up my own challenges (see 2011) she roped me into it as well. Crazily enough it turns out she has one massive rope since now Kathleen and even our favourite scribe Zara is doing it gave up. At the time of writing I haven’t seen anyone else’s results. I’ll update this post with everyone else’s projects when they are completed.

I went for a nice simple approach, so mine only took three hours and twenty minutes, including making dinner, eating dinner, and even letting my two year old nephew get involved in the drawing process. Although I’m pretty sure he was just hanging out so he could listen to music. Becky lovingly crafted hers in seven and a half hours. Kathleen Outlined 5 pages in the 8 hour period. But she’s wasted since she’s gotta get up at some unearthly hour. Sooo I guess we’ll see her effort later.

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