Steph posted a thing the other day on G+ that got me thinking. What content is appropriate to post where? We are experiencing a period of time where we have a fragmention of social networks, each has it’s own society and norms, or at least I like to believe so.

I personally believe that the content we post doesn’t belong on all of these mediums. To be honest I find it strange that people would have a twitter just so they can advertise the fact they have a blog which has an extended amount of content and writing in it. I have a twitter account, but I never use it, and I really never planned on using it. So I’m not going to attest to what I believe the community is like, since it would all just be a listing of cliches and tiny.urls. 
As a designer I have a few places that I can post to almost specifically for the type of stuff I have to share Flickr, Dribbble and Deviant Art. These sites are more for finished products than anything else.
Facebook is the toilet of the internet. Where people you are forced to call “friends” all go to take a big communal shit in each others screens. As such, I don’t have an account there anymore. And besides, its picture sharing capabilities always makes my images look like junk. But posting there is a quick way to keep people updated with your life, and since leaving I have fallen out of contact with people I would rather like to keep knowing.
G+ is just getting sexier and sexier the more I learn to use it. I get the content I want from the people I want streamed straight to my face. After learning that I could control the flow of my circles it has gotten so good. It means I can follow lots of artists and not need to worry about them outposting my mates. Personally I tend to post finished products on G+. Image presentation is good, although I wish I could order my images if I post a whole bunch in one go. Generally I think of G+ as being a place where everyone is sort of their own little reporter, reporting for all their little reporter friends. Saying things like “I wish someone would just go die.” Is usually met with silence (and thus belongs on facebook) While posts that deal with the intricacies of why Facebook suck Quantum string is awesome are usually met with accolades.
Blogger and WordPress I believe are the domain of posterity. I do it so I can look back on what I’ve done and go “Oh yeah, I forgot I did that. That was mint!” I like being able to post here since I know it won’t disappear into the ether, and that this is the sort of thing people are likely to bump into during a Googling session. I can post my sketches from their primal beginnings to their finished results all in one post. This isn’t the sort of place where you post a single link to a youtube video you like. If you like it, embed it. If you have a single witty line, put it on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a half baked idea put it on G+ and get some feedback. 
If you have pictures of food you’re dying to show people, delete them. Either that or find an epicureans club or something. The only time you’re allowed to post pictures of your food is if it is from a wedding, a special occasion, particularly weird looking, or has Jesus’s face looking lovingly up at you. If it’s your steak and mashed potato from Wednesday we don’t need to see it…Nitish.