So I was thinking about it, and I feel as though there are some misconceptions about what the “windows guy” and the “Mac guy” are like, mostly due to mac advertising about what they are like. And we all know that drum beating for yourself is always going to be set to a tempo that makes you look good. So let me have a try. Contrary to popular belief BOTH of these personifications are in fact dads.

Windows Dad/Guy has a job doing filing of some kind. As he drives to work he sees pasted up posters telling “people that are part of the rat race suck.” He doesn’t understand why someone would say this. On the weekends he drinks beer with friends. His work station has one big pile of paper in the center. He has to flick through the pile to find what he’s looking for and put it on the top to deal with. He’s also a narcoleptic, which makes his work output less than satisfactory occasionally.

Mac Dad/Guy has the exact same job as Windows Dad. When he hangs out with his kids and their friends he says “dude” and “bro”, but no one knows about how he had to practice ages to get it sounding natural. On the weekends he posts up posters along his route to work about how “people that are part of the rat race suck.”
His work station has all the paper in seperate little piles overlapping each other haphazardly. If he finds the corner of a document he’s after he doesn’t bother moving the other bits of paper that may be obscuring the corners of it. He says it’s dynamic, despite this it makes his work output less than satisfactory sometimes.