A Pinata Island has to grow up ya know!
I have to say, lots of exciting things are coming out at the moment in the movie world. I’m not gonna bother telling you to go check out the Hobbit trailer. Your resident LOTR nut has already shown it to you twice. Yeah, we all have one of those at least. To be honest all my friends (including me) fall into that category. But anyway, turning your attention away from movies for a second, Toh Kay has done an album full of Streetlight Manifesto songs acoustically. Listening to them just amps me up for the double time action of a proper streetlight song. Anyway, give it a listen, its great for when you just want to mumble along and not jump up and down.
Sorry it’s a static youtube vid. I seem to be tripping over more torrents and downloads than I do music plugins and samples of this album. =(