Well that’s it. Very last doodle of the year, drawn at 11 at night on new years eve. I did it. The feeling of accomplishment is insurmountable. Actually that’s a lie, it’s pretty mountable. I took my notebooks with me on New years to share with everyone. It was fun flicking through them. Matt commented that it just felt like the other day when he remembers me publishing each one. It’s amazing how much memory is attached to each drawing. 2011 will probably go down as one of my most remembered years because of these drawings. I’ll probably spend the next couple days feeling guilty I’m not doing doodles, and have an overwhelming urge to post all the time.

A year of Doodles & Sketches

Thanks to everyone who supported me over the year and took the time to log in and check out what i’ve been drawing. I probably couldn’t have done it (as well) without you all.
The blog isn’t dead by the way. I’ll continue to post drawings, comics, and anecdotes as they come along. The bare minimum will probably be about 1 a week. I have a couple of fun projects knocking around in my head and in word files that I may share with you over the next little while. I hope you guys like Blobby People. Oh yeah, I totally did a collection of all the official blobby strips from this year. You can check ’em out over in the library. Or just check it out right here.