So we finished killing all the bosses on Terraria. I’m sitting on 57 hours gameplay, while Matt’s on 82 hours. He layed down a lot of the groundwork for us to get decent armour and weapons. We haven’t quite got the end game armour, but it’s just a matter of killing the bosses a couple more times.
The game has an intense difficulty curve. After you get half way through the game you go into hardmode, unlocking new ores, weapons, and baddies. You may think you’re pro with your Molten armour, but as soon as hardmode strikes you may as well be naked for all the good it does you. Enemies laugh when faced with your chakrams and sunfury. But if you can last long enough you’l slowly be able to claw your way to the top again.
Have a nice day fighting off those snowmen. Cause it will take you about a day the first time through..