Man I suck at Photoshop. Hopefully I’ll get better over the holidays. Historically the holidays has always presented a spike in learning Photoflop. Doom is a series that’s near and dear to my heart. I used to watch my brother play it when I was small. We had names for all the monsters, such as the Flying Strawberry. When Doom 3 came out it freaked me out a lot, and it freaked out my brother enough for him to not want to play it through.
Anyway, the other day I watched Event Horizon and I suddenly realized that it made a better Doom movie than the Doom movie did. And now I have an insatiable thirst for Sci-Fi Horror. And that’s why I reinstalled Doom. Thanks for asking.
A couple days after I took the photo of the sticker below the transformer it was stuck to got hit by a car. So think of this as a memorial.