Another Skyrim comic. Yeah so sometimes you might notice your arrows stick into the water and stay where they are. It’s because of retention and all that stuff you learnt at school about water. I was going to colour these but I’m kinda rushing through so I can cover all the parties before they become irrelevant to everyone for another three years.

Today we’re looking at the Conservative party. They even have a test on their website to find out how conservative you are. If I say my score was very conservative does that mean it rated very high? Cause it feels like I’m saying “I did amazingly extremely middle of the road on that test.”

What is the Conservative Party about? Referendums are binding, Marine and Costal act repealed and foreshore and seabed returned to crown ownership, State assets shouldn’t be sold, Emissions trading scheme turfed. Tougher sentencing in prison and learning while in there. Economic Policies that encourage farming. Get rid of the smacking bill.

Who would the Conservative party have a pleasing, clean fun day at Rainbows End with: I’m gonna guess National.

Everything nicked from their website.