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I figure this will make a good a test as any on trying out a new format.

It was my birthday the other day and yeah it was awesome. I got more DnD stuff, that is to say, the Monster Box, which despite how it sounds isn’t a jumbo bin of fireworks but a box full of monster stats and tokens and maps. We played an epic game of DnD a couple days ago, the game lasted a good 8 hours at least. So value for money there. That’s a combined time of 24 hours amongst all three of us. I spent 60 bucks on the monster box, 30 on the Red Box (good starting point, I recommend newbies getting this as a taste test) and about 120 on the Essentials Rule Compendium and Heros of the Fallen land book for the players. 210 bucks, I guess that’s a lot to pay for to start up a game, but I don’t regret a single cent, considering it could keep me and a bunch of other people entertained for an extremely long time in the long run.