Getting a tiny bit more intense with these ones, going with a horizontally based design, rather than the vertical ones that kind of resemble the ship Jango Fett mooches around in.
We had a presentation the other day for our portfolio. So the day before we took our files in to the printers to get them printed and bound. Unfortunatly they were pretty busy, but promised we could pick them up by 8:30 in the morning the next day, half an hour before presentation. The next morning I get my two copies. The trim on them was atrocious, and one side was totally crooked. It was as if they were freestyling with how they threw paper through the printer or something, and then using guesswork to cut everything.
Anyway everyone runs into uni, dead on time to hand in and present. Our lecturer tells us he’s “very glad you are all here on time, now stick your stuff on the table in the middle.” so we did. And that was the extent of the presentation. I think a lot of people were gutted to not show off their work. It was seriously impressive. Afterwards a bunch of us started going through the pile, reverse engineering absent peoples portfolios to see how they achieved awesomeness.