The conversation this image was spawned from is probably best left unrepeated. Much like most of the conversations that come out of my families few gatherings, its “guy funny” not “girl funny”. It becomes more and more evident with each gathering, since the male to female ratio is dead even at the moment. So one side is howling with laughter at the many ways of how to dispose of one of my brothers cats, while the other half finds itself conflicted between the sanctity of life and just how stink that cat really is.
Seriously, it attacks my nephew. It’s pretty much the same size as him. Imagine getting attacked by a lion on your way to the fridge. Yeah, it’s just like that.
It turns out that when you google “are some cars racist” my blog comes out on top. That will be my pick of the week of favourite search terms to find this blog. the runner up is “Invisible Chair Clothes”.