I never thought I would be someone to fall victim to tight jeans. I’m a staunch believer that the height of fashion peaked in the mid nineties culminating in Grunge. The style is mostly rocked by a few skaters and butch lesbians these days. I fall into the former category, although its been some time since I have actually skated. Skate is quite a liberal term to be applying to what I actually did. I got the look down good, With my arms cockily down by my sides and a casual look on my face. But my mind was in turmoil, wondering when I would get to meet the ground again. But I digress.
We went to the warehouse and got the first pair of jeans that looked alright on me. Unfortunatly normal baggy is out of fashion these days, so there is either fat person baggy or skinny person tight. Unfortantly the fat person baggys made me look like a denim clad back up dancer for hammer time.
So I was fated to wear the skinny ones, since I was putting my foot down about going to more than one store to find pants. Who knew where it could have snowballed from there? I may have turned into a SHOPPER. A browser! A peruser! A WOMAN. (He says wearing his jeans which give him a nice figure.)