This is an action packed back cover that I didn’t end up using on my comic. Speaking of which, It’s now online. Go ahead and try and read it. It recieved a stunning review from my teacher, who gave it an A (got an A for my research and processing as well, which was the first half of the paper.)
But don’t let me bore you with that, let Elette do that!

“A highly entertaining comic, which is what it’s all about. Very original story + well written dialogue is intelligent + engaging. Original style and look – love the splash page – stronger than cover, though it works too. Integration of hand + digital is great – some nice effects. Seamless continuity, clear and easy to follow – possibly pushing the number of frames per page. You know your characters + work views and frame sizes demonstrates control, clear vision, + nicely paced. Simple colour cues scene changes + mood. Found main character too grey on page 1 – more noticeable because more about b+w.”

Lots of pluses right? She could have used one of those on my grade instead of wasting them on the critique.