There are only two people I know of that will get the entirety of this comic. This one’s for yous… This is also the first time I have drawn the beardy one without glasses. Wow. Talk about milestones right?

First day back to uni was alright. Two group projects. Gotta make a magazine, concentrating on typography and… Crap. I should know this… An infographic type deal, 2 pages plus cover/intro page. Should be fun. Two more papers to find out about. One of them I’m really not looking forward to. “VCD & Business”. It sounds foreboding, and despite it having VCD in the title, I doubt there will be very little visual communication and design involved. Its gonna be all those letters and numbers and things boring people use to get their point across. I wouldn’t be caught DEAD doing that sort of thing… Probably wouldn’t be caught doing much at all really if I was dead to be honest. I was gonna use that time to rest in piece.