I handed in the comic yesterday. It was rather dramatic. I finished correcting some typos in it, rebooted my computer (Because the net didn’t seem to be working quite right) and then witnessed my computer have a siezure, promptly followed by death. It was traumatizing. Nothing seemed to work. My monitor insisted that the computer was doing crazy shit. My parents monitor agreed with it, but decided to let me have a sneak peak at my busted system. I managed to copy paste my files in safe mode and get them printed out nice and good. The pc had to be wiped and started fresh. Software failure somewhere in there. Possibly drivers.
At the printing place I came in with Becky, I was flustered and had no idea what to say. I argued with the guy saying I had ten pages. He told me its physically impossible to create a booklet with only ten pages. After thinking about it I realized I had in fact 12, and that’s a brilliant number to have. He then asked what I wanted to print it on. “Paper?” I replied. God bless that man for taking care of my useless print job, he picked a nice stock for my comic, and it looks good. Apart from the really really close trim.

Time to start my essay. Ill post some more when I get my word count to 500.