I’m not gonna lie, this doodle is a shameless promotion of the text adventure I just created. Each episode is tiny, hence the 0.1 and 0.2. All the episodes together should tell a neat little story, and will give me both a creative release and a cognitive challenge. Seriously, making games is like playing games for me.
I probably shouldn’t have 0.2 on display at the moment since the only person who’s tested it so far is me. So it’s really more of a draft than anything else at the moment. I wouldn’t blame you for not remembering the URL, I sure don’t. So I’ll be putting a link to it off to the side there ->
If you can think of a decent title for the series drop a hot steaming comment somewhere for me to find.

aah, imagination, do you know no bounds? I don’t imagine you do. So you don’t.