I believe the series is mostly refered to as Asterix. But I feel it’s mean leaving out Obelix. My earliest memory of my grandma is me sitting next to her with an Asterix (& Obelix) book, pointing at the speech bubbles asking her what they said. The best was “Whats that one say?” “…Aaaaargh, get them.”
If you ever saw the animated versions, forget them, they suck compared to the comics. One of the most tragic moments was when I realized that Goscinny died. It was a sudden blow and I wasn’t prepared for it. That the writer of the comic had died 11 years before I was even born. Uderzo, the artist, carried on without him. New Asterix books still come out intermittently. I doubt I have read the latest one, but from what I have seen of the recent ones, the art quality has improved hugely.