I could not be bothered doing a dedicated doodle today. So instead you get an amalgamation of what I have done today. Still counts!
Our net went down and I’ve only just been able to resurrect it. Looks like the old modem went and cooked itself in an attempt to escape being the accomplice in the procuring of lotsa porn.
I had to sit for more than an hour and a half waiting for tech support to not figure out my problem. Seriously. I went and played Pokemon Blue while I waited and I bet Brock long before anyone came to my aid.
Ah, faceless “Support”, so we meet again. I shall have you know I appreciate your existence, but resent your inability to fix things magically. I will respect you while I speak to you, but I shall complain about you long after I have hung up the phone. For you see, it isn’t you as a person, or the fact that my modem is broken that made me think you were a noob. It was the fact you told me to go ask my brother what to do. Next time someone brings me a design job I will make sympathetic noises and then direct them to someone else with the words of “You might want to find someone else to do my job for me.”