Sorry, This one’s pretty boring. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that when uni started up again my drawings would go downhill. I gave up half way through drawing this one. Drawn with the worlds only pink bic pen. (Well maybe not only, but definatly rare.)
We came back to uni on monday only to find out that our carpark (Which has always been packed) has now been replaced with the skeletal startings of a hotel. Rumour has it that this is in preparation for the world cup coupled with the fact that the design department in Auckland is shutting down. Massey squeezing the place for all its worth. “Be free!” they tell us. “be a burden upon every other small local carpark in Albany village!”
Who the hell is going to stay in that place after the world cup anyway? Do people need to spend more than a day in Albany to experience its sites and sounds? Take a stroll around the mall one day and then indulge in quaint fish ‘n chip shops the next?

This isn’t the first thing that has had us stirred over the looming rugby world cup either. Recently this piece by TMD went down. Located on Poynton terrace, off Pitt Street. All the local Graff blogs I keep up with have been going nuts over it. Even the Herald has picked it up. Anyway, here’s my few pics I got of it. (Not as good as the Brotographer of course. But every pic counts I guess.)