If you have no intention of reading this post please highlight the white space at the end of the last sentence.
Drawn while listening to Chazz Valentines “The Brightest Star” (Woo, support NZ music,) painted with watercolours so it might actually be interesting in some small way.
I managed to coax a few of my friends to get into the doodle a day business. Wish them luck. I swear the number of blogs that are sprouting lately is insane. People normally laugh in my face and throw their left over food at me when I try and tell them about blogs. Ah well. They say that blogging is dead, but if thats the case then there are a lot of undead wandering around. So you BETTER WATCH YOURSELF, you nay saying bastards. Blogs will eat your brains and taste for decent literature.
While I’m thinking about it. Twitter, facebook, the internet in general and all those “failblog” type things which are the latest incarnations of blogging have really killed extended writing. If you got this far into my post I’m genuinely impressed. And fuck all you TL;DR types! Yeah thats right. All us big kids that don’t have minute and a half attention spans have been talking about you.